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Special drying project for aluminum hydroxide

Overview: Application clientShandong Boxiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Types of sectionChemical engineering industryChoose productsXG series cyclone air dryerproject descriptionThe special cyclone airflow dryer for aluminum hydroxide has strong pertinenc…

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Application client

  Shandong Boxiang New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Types of section

  Chemical engineering industry

Choose products

  XG series cyclone air dryer

project description

  The special cyclone airflow dryer for aluminum hydroxide has strong pertinence, practicability and high energy efficiency. When we produce equipment for users, we design and manufacture the most suitable and best quality drying equipment for users according to the characteristics of the required drying products, the user's process requirements, and the experience accumulated over the past few decades.

Scope of application

  This drying model is suitable for many materials, and is especially suitable for drying materials with high requirements for the final water content of the materials (<1%). Also: hymenone, ABC intermediate, ABS resin, ASC white carbon black, oxalic acid catalyst, accelerator mdm, precipitated carbon powder, titanium dioxide, activated carbon, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorite, silica gel powder, synthetic resin, calcium phosphate , Polypropylene resin, chlortetracycline, sodium disilicate, coffee ground furochloride, sodium sulfate, sulfide ore, phosphate rock powder, blue BB tetracycline, iron trioxide, carbonic acidCalcium, zein, iron oxide, gypsum retarder, etc.

working principle

  In the cyclone dryer, the airflow entrains the material from the tangential direction, and forms a spiral movement along the inner wall. The material is evenly distributed and rotating disturbance in the airflow, which strengthens the drying process. For all materials that can be dried by airflow, the cyclone airflow dryer is It can adapt, especially for water-increasing, small particles, not afraid of crushing and heat-sensitive materials.
  Depending on the nature of the material, such as dust recovery, pulse bag dust removal or water foam dust removal can be used, and the recovery rate can reach 99.5%.

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