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Powdered activated carbon drying

Overview: Application clientXingda (Xinfeng) Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.projectPowdered activated carbon drying Product selection: QG airflow dryerproject descriptionThe special airflow dryer for activated carbon has strong pertinence, practicability and high en…

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Application client

  Xingda (Xinfeng) Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.


  Powdered activated carbon drying Product selection: QG airflow dryer

project description

  The special airflow dryer for activated carbon has strong pertinence, practicability and high energy efficiency. When we produce equipment for users, we design and manufacture the most suitable and best quality feed drying equipment for users according to the characteristics of the required dry products, the user's process requirements, and the experience accumulated over the past few decades.

product description
This dryer model is suitable for many materials. In addition to the materials mentioned in the basic type, there are also: hymenone, ABC intermediates, ABS resin, ASC, white carbon black, oxalic acid catalyst, mdm accelerator, precipitated carbon powder, Titanium dioxide, activated carbon, sodium fluorosilicate, fluorite, silica gel powder, synthetic resin, calcium phosphate, polypropylene resin, aureomycin, sodium metasilicate, sugar chlorate coffee grounds, sodium sulfate, sulfide ore, phosphate rock Powder, blue BB, tetracycline, iron trioxide, calcium carbonate, zein, iron oxide, gypsum retarder, etc.


  ▲The drying intensity is large, the equipment investment is low, and the evaporation capacity is large, which can be from 50kgH2O/h to 2000kgH2O/h;
  ▲Short drying time, suitable for heat-sensitive materials, the finished product does not contact the outside world, no pollution, and good quality;
  ▲The equipment is provided as a complete set, and the heat source can be steam heating or supporting coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired hot blast stove, etc.
  ▲Basic air-flow drying equipment, suitable for loose, low-viscosity, granular and powdered materials. This process is shown as negative pressure airflow drying, and users can choose the positive pressure drying method according to the product characteristics. 

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